The Merciful returns

Erdenetsetseg, a beautiful girl who was a face-to-face of the national Folk Song and Dance Ensemble, has been living alone for almost twenty years since her first husband and wife were divorced. One single son said that he was big, and that his mother was as good as a mountain. MRG Erdenetsetseg sang in honor of the singer Dalan, who sang “The words of the heart” and sang “Love to see your sorrows.” It was a famous singer who became famous for the people.
After leaving her first husband, singing a younger sister from Dalan, she knows nobody knows. The two folks are unaware of the gossip to join together. Dalyan, singer Dalan, was a performer in Darkhan, abusive with a politician and deputy prime minister, breaking a dispute with two singers. Then again, the singers who have been together since then appear together in the same stage. She’s still a good man who has lost her soul to many people.